5 Amazing Secrets About the Royal Wedding

Changing the guard - Buckingham Palace

Image by Gabriel Villena via Flickr

Everybody loves secrets.  This affinity is ingrained in all of us, and it is has a strong genetic component tied to the days when we roamed the earth in loin cloths, hunted for dinner, and rubbed sticks together to make fire.  Those who knew secrets were favored by natural selection (you know, the Darwinian theory of evolution), because nobody wanted to kill the person with the secrets.  Secrets die with the caveman, and then the fun of running around blabbing the secrets dies, too.  Have you ever tried to get a secret out of a corpse?  Doesn’t work too well.  This is also the reason why robbers often shoot the person behind the counter.  It is impossible to report a crime or turn somebody in when you cannot speak, breath, or even pump blood through your body.  By this point, you are all wondering when you are going to get to the 5 secrets about the royal wedding.  Well, consider yourself bamboozled, just this once, and only in the best of spirits.  You see, I am new to this whole blogging thing, and I am desperately in need of readers.  Read a post or two, and spread the word!

One response to “5 Amazing Secrets About the Royal Wedding

  1. Ken VanderKlok

    I love the posts, keep it coming.


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