10 Things More Difficult Than Finding Osama Bin Laden

Bin laden

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  1. Getting the attention of the Pakistan military in the middle of the night.  Wow, do they look like donkeys or what?
  2. Saying “Obama got Osama, oh Mama!” 10 times really fast.
  3. Getting one straight story about what actually happened in the raid on Bin Laden’s compound.  On the bright side, it is a story that just keeps giving–a new version every day!
  4. Imagining a better movie script than the Bin Laden mission.  You cannot make this stuff up.
  5. Finding another country as ballsy as the USA.  Way to flex our muscles, Obama!
  6. Reading/listening to the media without finding some idiot talking about the legality of what we did to kill Bin Laden.  Yeah, like we needed another OJ Simpson trial!
  7. Believing the part about us dumping Bin Laden’s corpse into the ocean (euphemistically “burial at sea”) AS A GESTURE IN RESPECT OF THE ISLAMIC FAITH!  Maybe we should have tossed his corpse into the helicopter blade to scatter his remains at sea.
  8. Constructing a better oxymoron than “Pakistani Intelligence”.
  9. Getting Bin Laden to provide the long-form version of his death certificate to doubters of his demise.
  10. Believing rumors that Bin Laden’s compound will be converted into a bed and breakfast.

2 responses to “10 Things More Difficult Than Finding Osama Bin Laden

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