Wow, Those Are BIG Haboobs!

A Dust Bowl storm approaches Stratford, Texas ...

Big Texas Haboob in 1935 (Haknocker!)

In the midst of constant news coverage about the federal debt ceiling stalemate in Washington, D.C., the New York Times, as they often do, went out of its way to cover an obscure topic of interest that provided welcome comic relief for me–haboobs (NY Times article:  However, in its usual journalistic fashion, it did so in a serious tone.  How this was possible is beyond me.  In case you have not heard, Phoenix has had some really nasty dust storms this summer, prompting the National Weather Service to call them haboobs, a term familiar to meteorologists and people from the Middle East, but not so much in Arizona.  It seems that many Arizonans have been offended by the term, but for reasons that sound like nonsense to me, such as the possibility of offending soldiers returning from active duty in the Middle East.  Come on!  Arizona is full of retired old prudes who think of BOOBS whenever they hear about haboobs.  Admit it!  This has prompted me to hereby introduce three new words: hanipples (tip of the haboob), hacleavage (space between two haboobs), and haknockers (extra large haboobs).  Snowbirds should return north once they hear these!


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