Is this my calling?

I sure as hell hope so!  Like a lot of people, I have spent my life pursuing happiness and fulfillment in places near and far.  We have all heard a similar expression, “Find something you love to do, and BLAH BLAH BLAH.”  OK, so “BLAH” isn’t exactly how it goes, but the point is that we just need to find what we love, and the rest will take care of itself.  Well, I love to write, and I have heard friends, family, and colleagues tell me for years that I should blog.  OK, I am blogging!  THIS IS MY BLOG, OH LORD!  NOW SHOW ME THE WAY!  Maybe I am expecting too much too soon.  Anyway, I hope you will tune in regularly (or better yet, subscribe over on the right bar!), as the marketer in me thinks that you will help to make my dreams come true.


One response to “Is this my calling?

  1. Dan, I really enjoy your website and writing. I’ll subscribe. Please check out my — if you like writing you must appreciate the ampersand!

    I found you through your excellent review about the 152 Crayola set. What a disappointment! I responded to your review, which you might like to read.
    I hope their 6400-count set pulls out all the stops! (I remember when the gigantic 64 set was introduced, with its awesome sharpener built right into the box!)


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