Farewell, Young Man

Swing Chain

Image by brentdanley via Flickr

My wife and I consider ourselves fortunate to live in a great neighborhood generously appointed with trails, parks, playgrounds, water fountains, a swimming pool, and even our own elementary school.  It’s a wonderful place to raise kids, and we have three little ones of our own.  Our next door neighbors were the epitome of the neighborhood.  Not long after I met them, I held their baby daughter in my arms.  Their son, Samuel, was a well-mannered and happy young lad who always called me “Sir”.  He loved to sing and had a lead role in a community theater production.  His favorite subject in school was Chinese.  His father was a coach on his football team and once spent a frigid night under the stars with Samuel lying in the backyard in sleeping bags.  His mother bought us pajamas and a sweater for our first-born baby.  Last night, I learned that the couple had split.  Samuel had already moved out of state with his sister and mother, before I could tell him, “You are a good kid.  Your parents both love you.  Love them back.  Don’t lose faith in yourself or others.  Life is not always fair.  Hurt will heal.  Farewell, young man.”


2 responses to “Farewell, Young Man

  1. Makes me miss my son. I think I’ll give him a call. He’s a good kid, too. Thanks for the tender words.


    • My pleasure, Lorna. Sharing it isn’t quite the same as speaking with Samuel, but hopefully it inspired others to think about people close to them. Thanks, again, for reading and commenting, Lorna. –Dan


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