Not Illegal, Just Undocumented

No political correctness

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I am not that old (39 to be exact), and I remember a day when illegal aliens were called illegal aliens.  Somehow, political correctness has gotten in the way of calling a crime a crime.  Or maybe the problem is that the crime is no longer a crime, it seems.  Laws were not enforced for decades, and now we have some 15 million, give or take, of these people in our country.  The idea of throwing them out is dismissed as heresy, in spite of existing laws.  But I digress.  Back to the topic of political correctness.  At some point, the phrase “illegal alien” got too offensive.  This is interesting, since it is not a racial epithet, expletive, or even a phrase that renders judgment.  It only conveys the facts.  Illegal obviously means the person does not belong here by law.  Alien, by definition, is an unnaturalized, foreign resident of a country.  So, rather than describing criminals by a technically accurate and unbiased phrase, we choose instead to minimize their crime to a simple case of missing documents–like getting pulled over and not having proof of insurance.  Heck, maybe they just lost their papers.  Give ’em a break, law-abiding, tax-paying citizens!

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