Taking It All In: A Visit to Wal-Mart

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There are 3 zones known to mankind: real life, The Twilight Zone, and Wal-Mart.  Admit it.  You shop there too.  The way I see it, it is cheap entertainment.  Take my visit just yesterday.  I had only 3 things on my list–a return, baby food, and underwear:

  • Return: Standing in line, I witnessed a disheveled woman dumping several containers of coins into the counting machine (with 8% fee!) and another scroungy looking guy trying to cash a government check that was post-dated to the next day (he was turned away).  Haven’t these people heard of banks?!?  CRIPES!
  • Baby Food: I went to grab one of those hand-held shopping baskets for people who want to look like Little Red Riding Hood.  It was wet, but it wasn’t raining out.  So, I opted for the dry, dirty basket.  Dirt trumps mysterious fluid.
  • Underwear: 5 pairs for $9.96? Who is the poor guy in Colombia who had to make these for 4 cents an hour?  Whoever he is, thank you.  Anyway, I noticed several opened packages with the balled up underwear stuffed back into them.  Yeah, like I want those!

A quick farewell to the toothless greeter, and I stepped back into the real world.  Back another day!

One response to “Taking It All In: A Visit to Wal-Mart

  1. What’s even scarier is to remember that there are a whole lot more of the folks you observed at Walmart than there are of the other end of the spectrum in the United States and even the world.


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