Keeping the Party Sufficiently Festive


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Some things in life are best spoken in metaphors, in order to not offend, embarrass, or otherwise disrupt harmony.  This way, some people can enjoy a simplistic, albeit naive, interpretation, and the rest of us can get an entirely different story, even without a wink, which is impossible to recreate in words, though I have tried.  So, the story goes like this.  Everybody likes to throw a party now and again–some of us more often than others, and some of us louder than others.  Anyway, there are times when we decide that adding the secret sauce to the guacamole is a good idea, and if all goes as planned, people end up throwing us parties for our amazing creation.  However, there comes a time in all of our lives when we just want the party for the party.  We are fine to just squirt a little sour cream in the guacamole and not get any amazing creations or parties afterward.  While it is OK to just leave the secret sauce in the fridge, there is always the chance that it might find its way into the guacamole if we get carried away.  Best to cap it for good.

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