Inflation hits Wendy’s small Frosty. What’s next?

Few things in life produce as much happiness as a 99-cent Wendy’s small Frosty.  Sure, Dairy Queen has a much wider selection of ice cream treats, as well as a unique, creamy texture that is hard to find elsewhere in soft serve ice cream, but a Frosty will give you much more bang for your buck.  But I should no longer use the present tense, because Wendy’s did the UNTHINKABLE!  They raised the price of a small Frosty and took it off the 99-cent value menu.  Horror of horrors!  There I was, gazing at the very fancy digital menu in the drive through lane with my eager, salivating two-year-old in the back, when food inflation reality slapped me in the face.  How much could you possibly raise the price of this small pleasure in life–5%, 10%, 15%?  NO!  They raised the price 30% to $1.29!  Wow.  Raise my gas price.  Raise my milk price.  But for heaven’s sake, DO NOT raise the price of putting a smile with a chocolate ring around it on my two-year-old’s face!  What’s next?  Ronald McDonald and Mickey Mouse charging for autographs?  A toll for giggles?  An excise tax on toys?  I want my 99-cent Frosty back!

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