Wandering Mind Considers Life, Limos, & the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile

Weiner Mobile

Image by DollyKnickers via Flickr

It was prom night in my neck of the woods last Friday.  It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out.  I crossed paths with 3 limos on my way to Target, and then I saw 3 young couples wandering around the store who looked like they had just jumped out of a horse-drawn carriage at the royal ball.  WHAT were they doing at Target?!?  Anyway, back to the limos.  Human nature being what it is, I couldn’t resist the temptation to gawk and consider the OBVIOUS questions…

  • Why is a really long car such a neat thing anyway?
  • If a limo goes through a car wash, is the front end getting waxed while the back end gets hot suds?
  • Has anybody ever parallel parked a limo?
  • If you lowered a school bus, tinted the windows, and decked out the interior, would it make a kick butt limo?
  • Is it more fun to ride in a limo or to BE SEEN in one?
  • If BEING SEEN in a limo is cool, then why do they tint the windows?
  • What is cooler, a limo or the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile?
  • If burning rubber is cool, why don’t limo drivers do burnouts?

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