How One Average Guy Became a Millionaire Overnight

Coat of Arms of the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire ...

Coat of Arms of the Republic of Cote d'Ivoire (Image via Wikipedia)

Like a lot of Americans, I have worked hard to earn a living.  I paid attention in school, got a college degree, and earned my stripes in the business world.  No, I am not a big shot Director or Vice President, but I have made enough money to support my family so that my wife can stay home with our 3 young kids.  Suddenly, last night, everything changed.  Now, I am a millionaire.  Did I win the lottery?  No.  Did I inherit a huge sum?  No.  I simply received an email from Mrs. Vivian Dembele, a very nice lady from Cote d’Ivoire, a country sandwiched between Liberia and Ghana on the coast of Africa.  Her husband had political ambitions in Cote d’Ivoire before he was assassinated.  I am not sure what the guy did for a living, but he somehow amassed a bank account worth $12,500,000.  In a twist of fate, Vivian and her son stumbled upon my email address–in Africa, of all places!  The story is kind of complicated, but I guess they need me to help them get the money out of the bank, and they will give me 25% of the money–$3,125,000–for my help.  Wow.  I am truly blessed.



2 responses to “How One Average Guy Became a Millionaire Overnight

  1. The Retrospective Entrepreneur

    Funny that, I recently got one from an American soldier in Iraq who wanted someone with a bank account he could transfer a similar number of millions of dollars into he had ‘acquired’ in that fine country. Offered a handsome cut too…


    • The really scary thing is that somebody must actually be gullible enough to respond to these emails. Amazing. Thanks for the comment, Tony, and keep reading! –Dan


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