Tornado! Tornado! Just Kidding!

One of several tornadoes observed by the VORTE...

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Those of us who live in tornado country take our sirens seriously.  Though I have never seen a real, live tornado, I have stood outside staring up at the sky like an idiot.  Even those who don’t live in tornado country have probably heard of the knuckleheads who chase storms for the sheer thrill of it, hoping to find themselves as close to a tornado as possible, without actually getting sucked up in one like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz.  Enough background.  OK, so there I was last Thursday doing what I do (not much), and I heard the tornado sirens going off.  Yeah, the skies had looked a little gray and dreary all day, but ominous, no.  I did the ol’ look out the window, scratch my head, and go about my business routine–just like they tell you NOT to do.  The rule is to ALWAYS take these sirens seriously.  Well, later the same day, they went off again.  This time, my wife grabbed the kids and headed for the basement.  Puzzled, I looked outside and doubted the sirens, ONCE AGAIN.  A quick call to the police yielded an explanation: National Severe Weather Awareness Week.  DUMB IDEA!

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