Political Expression in Its Funniest Form

It was December of 2008 when the world was treated to an early Christmas present–video footage of President Bush in Iraq dodging two unsuccessful attempts (damn!) by a press conference attendee to knock him silly with precision guided shoes.  YES, SHOES!  See the video above, in case you missed it.  It is a classic clip that will elicit belly laughs from me forever.  Someday, I will share it with my kids, and we will all laugh hard and be thankful for being Americans, where such humor is shared broadly and mocked on Saturday Night Live.  I was reminded of this humorous event earlier today, when I learned from the media that this form of political expression–shoe throwing–is common in the Middle East, and it appears to be spreading.  There are now rumors that it has reached China, seriously.  We can only hope that something THIS GOOD someday makes it to America.  Yes, we have the old pie-in-the-face tradition, but it is much more difficult to launch a pie from across the room and land it upon the intended target.  Shoes are so much more aerodynamic.  Moreover, the insult is doubled with a STINKY SHOE!

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