5 Stupid Things People Do at Drive-Up ATM’s

Using a drive-through ATM in Texas

Proper Distance from ATM (Image via Wikipedia)

  1. Pull Up Too Far Away: The idea is to reach out your window and push the buttons.  If you have to stick your torso out the window like a Golden Retriever or, worse yet, open your door, then YOU HAVE FAILED THE INTELLIGENCE TEST.
  2. Assemble a Deposit: May an asteroid collide with your home if you plan to sit there and fill out all the crap while the people wait behind you.  Grab an envelope, go park somewhere, and get back in line after you have filled it all out.
  3. Talk on a Cell Phone: It is well established that people cannot drive well when talking.  This means that banking while yakking is like a DWI.
  4. Refinance the Home: You can do all sorts of complicated things at an ATM.  They SHOULD have only 2 options: (1) WANT MONEY and (2) GOT MONEY.  I always wonder what sort of shenanigans is going on when people are punching away incessantly ahead of me.  Do they allow texting from an ATM now?!?  Cripes.
  5. Get Purse/Wallet Organized Before Gassing It: You are done.  Now GET OUT OF THE WAY!  This reminds me of the people who fill out their check registers at the grocery store.

One response to “5 Stupid Things People Do at Drive-Up ATM’s

  1. Another excellent post on the little annoyances of everyday life. Perhaps their are more of these? Can you say “mini-series”?


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