Resolved: Technologies intended to connect us have pushed us apart.

In my opinion, it is not the act of talking on...

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A paradox?  Yes.  A truth?  You decide.  Consider just a few technologies that dominate our lives today:

  • Computers: Many of us spend our working lives behind a computer screen.  When the network or power go down, we don’t even know what to do with ourselves.  How about picking up the phone, walking to somebody’s desk, or putting pen to paper?
  • Email: How many of us are slaves to our email?  Most of them are irrelevant, outdated, or otherwise unworthy of our attention, but who is to know without spending the time to wade through the mess?  Then there are the people who communicate only by email, dodging phone calls and avoiding face-to-face conversations.
  • Cell Phones: If we are available 24/7 on our cell phones to receive and respond to phone calls, emails, and text messages, then who needs to see anybody anymore?
  • Text Messaging: Rather than respecting your time, let me just blurt something out at you and expect an answer immediately.
  • Social Media: If we “friend” each other on Facebook, “follow” each other on Twitter, and read each other’s blogs, then do we really need to go through the hassle of seeing one another in real life?

3 responses to “Resolved: Technologies intended to connect us have pushed us apart.

  1. Sad but true!


  2. Computers and email are NOT my job, rather just tools that allow me to DO my job.


    • Good perspective, JR, but does this change the fundamentally antisocial (as in real-life social, not “virtual” social) nature of the tools? Sometimes it seems that we are evolving toward a society where we are all disconnected from the present reality as we tend to our virtual lives via devices and technologies. Maybe I am just an old fuddy duddy, but there are days when I yearn for way things used to be. I know that makes techies like you cringe.


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