Not Your Average Jog in the Park

Somehow, the duct tape came off my broken blister during the run. See exposed skin near the little piggy--the one that went "wee wee wee" all the way home.

Call me adventurous.  Or wacky.  Or lacking of good judgment, if you ask my wife.  In any event, I am intrigued by novel approaches, newfangled solutions, and interesting diversions from the sometimes mundane aspects of life.  I learned to ride a unicycle a few years ago and have endured join-the-circus jokes ever since.  I once bought a book about powered parachutes (like an ultralight aircraft, except replace the wings with a parachute), convinced I would fly like a bird.  My latest recreation has been barefoot jogging.  Fast approaching the critical mass required for fad status, this activity is as simple as it sounds.  Ditch the shoes and hit the pavement just as you were born, except with shorts and a shirt (let’s not take this bare thing too far).  Having run a marathon in shoes, I am now convinced that running without them is like watching a movie in 7.1 channel surround sound on a 60-inch HDTV.  With shoes, it was like watching on one of those 13-inch, black-and-white boob tubes your grandma used to have on the kitchen counter.  Sure, I have suffered one minor injury, a blister that tore open, but I did what any reasonable person would do.  I put a piece of duct tape over the tender skin and ran another three miles this morning.

6 responses to “Not Your Average Jog in the Park

  1. So running sans shoes is a trip, huh? All those shoe companies making a gazillion on engineered shoes will be very sorry to hear that a little duct tape is all a runner needs and s/he’s good to go!


    • Agreed. Not only do you not NEED the expensive shoes, but they actually change a person’s running mechanics, which leads many people to suffer needless injuries (I speak from experience). As one would expect, the shoe companies have now come out with “shoes” for people who prefer to run less restrictively, like when barefoot. This seems contradictory to me. If you don’t want to use running shoes, THEN DON’T USE THEM! Anyway, appreciate your continued readership! –Dan


  2. Crazy, next thing I will hear from you is that you won’t be using oven mits when backing chocolate chip cookies!!!


    • Hey, Blake. I am not quite that dumb, but I do push the limits there, too. When removing a hot dish from the microwave, I have figured out that it takes several seconds to get a bad burn. Therefore, I just grab the dish and quickly put it on the counter. Too much hassle to go get an oven mitt or hot pad. I guess I like to live dangerously. Thanks for reading/commenting, dude. –Dan


  3. Have you seen those “five finger” shoes by Vibram? Those are pretty close to being barefoot!


    • Hi, Lola. Yes, I have seen them, but I am too cheap to part with the money. Besides, as a minimalist adventurer, I question the necessity of such things. To me, it seems like buying bottled water when you can just turn on the faucet. Thanks for reading/commenting. –Dan


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