Proof That Americans Stink at Math

1997-2001 Jeep Cherokee photographed in USA. C...

Throw away the keys! Gas is too damn high!

I can just hear the chatter around homes in my neighborhood as summer approaches:

No car trips this year, kids!  Gas is just TOO DARN EXPENSIVE!

You cannot turn on the radio or TV without hearing some knucklehead yapping about the effect that higher gas prices is having on consumers.  Just this morning on public radio, there was a lengthy story about it–families deciding that it makes more sense to fly than to drive the big SUV.  Either that, or they are canceling their trips completely.  I could hardly stand to listen to such nonsense.  Nonsense, you say?  YES!  NONSENSE!  Let’s just make a few assumptions about that Memorial Day road trip the family wants to take:

  • Fuel Efficiency of Family SUV: 16 MPG
  • Cost of Gas This Year (from AAA): $3.97/Gallon
  • Cost of Gas Last Year (from AAA): $2.88/Gallon
  • Distance Each Way: 500 Miles (long trip)

Based on the above figures, this year’s trip will cost the family $68 more than last year’s trip.  Yes, 68 BUCKS, and that is round trip, not each way.  Now, I realize that many families have tight budgets, but if you cannot afford another $68 for gas, then you have bigger problems than high gas prices.

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