3 Little Pigs Ponder THE END!

Pigs on a farm

Pigs & Humans, Alike in Many Ways

Special thanks to my buddy Ken, a wise and humorous fellow who isn’t the least bit frightened by religious fear mongering, for his suggestion to cover this topic in an appropriately lighthearted tone.

We have all heard the story of the Three Little Pigs, a fairy tale involving a wolf with a penchant for eating pigs by first blowing down their poorly constructed homes. What few of us knew as kids is that pigs generally follow one of three faiths and corresponding calendars, either the Mayan faith (Mayan calendar), Christian faith (normal Gregorian calendar with 365 days), or an ancient Chinese faith (I Ching calendar). Why pigs practice religion or follow calendars at all is beyond the scope of this writing, but trust me, they do. Recently, while wallowing in mud baths at a hotel spa, 3 pigs in Las Vegas for a diversity conference shared their deepest fears with one another. The first, a Christian, feared the end of the world would be 5/21/11 (Judgement Day for some Christians). The second, a Mayan, feared the end of the world would be 12/23/12 (the end of the Mayan calendar). The third, a descendant of ancient Chinese pigs, feared a date close to 12/23/12 as THE END of life. Later that night, they were all run over by a bus while heading to Caesar’s Palace. The moral? Someday, our numbers will come up. Until then, enjoy life.


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