A Hat Nobody Should Wear

Chefs in training in Paris, France (2005).

OK, is the hat tall enough? (Image from Wikipedia)

Some of you may have missed my recent post entitled, “The Underutilized Smokey the Bear Hat” (http://bit.ly/lcY13G).  As you might guess, that was about a hat with many great possibilities beyond the bear’s noggin.  Today’s post is about a hat that is so bizarre that one can only wonder HOW it came about.  Again, as I have shared in the past, this blog is neither the time nor place to talk about research or facts.  Rather, in 199 words or less, the goal is to wonder, poke fun, and suggest possible explanations in lieu of facts.  So, back to the topic at hand.  Check out the picture for today’s subject material.  Yes, the hat of interest is the very tall chef’s hat.  The height of this hat could mean many things:

  • The tallest man (hat included) is in charge.
  • I have a beehive hairdo, and management wants it hidden.
  • My other hat is a ten-gallon cowboy hat with an arrow stuck through the top.
  • I am hiding 3 rolls of toilet paper on my head.
  • For my next trick, I will toss food into the air and catch it in my hat.

One response to “A Hat Nobody Should Wear

  1. Do they duct tape these on???


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