What is it about people who BACK IN to park their cars?!?

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We’ve all seen it, and let’s hope that none of THEM are reading this post.  If so, maybe one of them could comment with one logical explanation for BACKING into their parking spots.  Until such time as we learn the meaning of this strange behavior, we will make fun of it.  Here is my short list of…

10 Things You Say to the World by Backing Into Your Parking Space

  1. When I leave this place, I want to get the hell out of Dodge, and fast.
  2. I am a redneck, and we like to BACK ‘ER IN.
  3. I am practicing for someday when I get to back in an 18-wheeler.
  4. This is the only thing I do well, and I like to flaunt it.
  5. Look at me, I am different.
  6. I am too dumb to realize that others think I am an idiot.
  7. Everything I do is bass ackwards.
  8. I am so simple-minded that I get a high from accomplishing small feats of stupidity.
  9. If I am not driving a pickup truck, I should be.
  10. Some people shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce.  Like me.

6 responses to “What is it about people who BACK IN to park their cars?!?

  1. At my house we call this “FFO” (front-facing-out) and the only purpose is a faster get away. It is especially helpful in a crowded parking lot (like the grocery store or target) when half the people aren’t looking where they are going. In this case, avoiding backing up is a SAFETY FEATURE. 🙂


  2. Given that it’s the front wheels doing the steering you have more maneuverability when you back into a space and when you drive off. Also, people who back into spaces tend to be more forward thinking…..


    • I saw the light after reading your comment. Therefore, since the front wheels do the steering and make my car more maneuverable, I drove to work backing up this morning. I have a sore neck from cranking it around for 20 miles, but I was awfully maneuverable. I must add that it kept me focused. Going 70 miles per hour in reverse is no easy task!


  3. Oh happy day! I love your posts and blog and so I just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. If you choose to accept my nomination, the strings that come attached are well worth the recognition. Do you accept my nomination?
    Here are the rules:
    1. You must create a blog about your acceptance in which you mention that I nominated you, you accept, and provide a link to my site.
    2. Give 7 random facts about yourself.
    3. Provide the links to 7 blogs YOU wish to nominate for this award.
    4. Notify each blogger that you nominated them and ask them if they want to accept the award. If they do, just share the rules with them.

    Keep up the excellent work. You have a loyal follower and I hope you get many more from this gesture.

    All the best, Lorna


    • Hi, Lorna. I am flattered and gratified by your comment. Thank you. I would accept your nomination, except for one small problem. I am a busy husband and father of 3 kids ages 27 months and younger. Therefore, I am fortunate to have time only to blog myself. I do not read other blogs. Unfortunately, that means I could not possibly nominate 7 other blogs for this award. In any event, your nomination is a pat on my back, and I appreciate it. Hope you continue to enjoy, and share, my blog posts. –Dan


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