You Think YOUR Weather is Crazy…

Copan Ruinas. Macaw and Squirrel

Macaws Compete with Squirrels for Free Grub (Image by Adalberto.H.Vega via Flickr)

Usually mundane talk about weather has gotten more interesting this summer all across America, as sweltering temperatures, monsoon-like downpours, floods, droughts, and tornado outbreaks have become the new normal.  I am not here to make a statement on global warming, but even Minnesota has gotten downright tropical–not just hot, but incredibly humid.  As a result, all sorts of strange things have been happening.  My wife’s tomato plants look like shrubs.  Outside air condenses on the cool windows of our homes and cars.  Rain, thunder, and lightning seem to come and go daily, as in the rainforest.  Icy roads of winter are replaced by slippery, moss-covered roads of summer.  Tree canopies are beginning to cover entire neighborhoods.  Joggers are tripping over sprawling green vines that grow by the hour.  Beautiful macaws and toucans have replaced the usual robins, blue jays, and cardinals.  Reports of traditional roadkill like deer and skunks have been replaced by stories of squashed 20-foot boa constrictors and tree sloths.  Then there are the monkeys raiding vegetable gardens and the gorillas squatting in abandoned homes and scaring away house hunters.  And WHY does our new weather man wear a loin cloth, let out wild calls, and swing from vines?


4 responses to “You Think YOUR Weather is Crazy…

  1. Dont get me started on the weather man… good read, cheers


  2. Just think about how the poor Alaskans are adjusting to the gray squirrel infestation…Well, they can’t compete with all the monkeys and anacondas for the bird seed in the feeders, now can they?


    • Hey, if you live in Alaska, you deserve whatever you get! You are right, they can whine all they want. I have been chasing monkeys away from our banana trees for weeks now. BANANA TREES?!? When did they start growing in Minnesota? Geez! Well, back to work at the Pineapple plantation for me. All for now. Thanks, again, for reading and commenting. –Dan


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