5 Foods That Make No Sense to Me

Once a year.

Beer Cheese Soup (yes, popcorn on top) Image by leedav via Flickr

Nearly 2 weeks without a single blog post proved several things to me:

  • Paradox of Paragraphs: The less I blog, the less I have to blog about.
  • It’s Alive!: People keep visiting and reading, even when I don’t write.  Thanks!
  • Blogging is Not Real Life: Life is tougher.  One of my superheroes saw kryptonite, got pretty weak, and rebounded to defeat the villain virus or bacteria or whatever it was.

On to a much more important topic…

5 Foods That Make No Sense to Me

  1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil: What’s with the “extra”?  I have never seen just regular old “virgin” olive oil.  Why personify olive oil?  Would it sell as well if marketed as Super Skank Olive Oil?
  2. Tuna Fish Sandwich: Of course it’s a fish!  We don’t order turkey bird or ham pig butt sandwiches.  Why do we feel the need to clarify that we are talking about a tuna FISH?
  3. Double Malt Scotch Whiskey: Never drank the stuff, but I have been told that single malt is better.  THEN WHY MALT IT A SECOND TIME?!?
  4. Grape-Nuts: No grapes, no nuts.  What gives?!?  How about calling it Gravel?
  5. Beer Cheese Soup: Who thought of this concoction, and WHY add popcorn?!?

6 responses to “5 Foods That Make No Sense to Me

  1. Eating will never seem the same again…


    • It’s fun to think about the everyday things sometimes. Then again, it’s easy to start thinking we are crazy. Thanks for reading and commenting. –Dan


  2. I’m glad that you’re back (and so is your “superhero”).

    As for your nonsense food, couldn’t agree with your more. Grape Nuts, Gravel–same thing! Brilliant. Your 2-week hiatus didn’t dull your edge.


    • Thanks, Lorna. I appreciate the compliment–a real confidence booster. I wondered if I had forgotten how to ride the bike. Now I am doing wheelies again! Cheers. –Dan


  3. You just gave me the giggles…..


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