Heaven on earth? One week every April in Augusta, Georgia.

Amen Corner at Augusta National Golf Club

A non-golfer who has often said, “The more I played, the worse I got,” I still find an irresistible attraction to The Masters golf tournament every April.  What it is, I am not sure, but there is something divine about that place on earth for this week in April each year.  For one week, fans and players alike pay homage to the legends of golf, patrons on the course behave like honored guests, and the players show amazing sportsmanship, dignity, grace, and reverence for the opportunity to be part of history in the making.  The course is immaculate and beautiful, the birds sing as if they have been rehearsing together, and an amazing aura of magnificence, splendor, and majesty tantalize the senses of even those watching from their tiny little smart phones (do not miss the free Masters app on your iPhone).  Sure, there is the golf tournament, but for some reason, that seems to be only one instrument in this mystical orchestra of sights, sounds, smells, and emotions.  Like in Field of Dreams, it is not about the game, but rather following one’s instincts to take it all in for reasons we do not fully understand.

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