Like Him or Leave Him, Olbermann Always Authentic

Cropped headshot of Keith Olbermann

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From the first time I saw him as a local sportscaster in the mid-80’s in southern California, I knew he was his own person–confident, funny, witty, intelligent, and, most of all, authentic.  Whereas many in the media have their plain vanilla camera personas, separate and distinct from their personal lives, Keith Olbermann is just Keith Olbermann.  Sure, the same qualities that some of us love about him do get him in trouble with his bosses at times.  If you read his Wikipedia biography (, you will see that his story isn’t one that speaks to long, happy relationships with employers, or even his former live-in girlfriend.  Still, whether your politics lean left, lean right, or stand straight up, most would agree that we need more smart people in the media who stand for authenticity and are not afraid to challenge authority.  Even for those convinced he is too Liberal, there is much to gain from listening to his well-reasoned perspectives, rather than the all-too-frequent baseless arguments and propaganda found elsewhere.  If politics are not your thing, then take in his boyish love of baseball and neat cloud formations over NYC, as he reports regularly on Twitter (follow him @KeithOlbermann).


2 responses to “Like Him or Leave Him, Olbermann Always Authentic

  1. I feel we do have smart people in the media, but they have to “dumb down” the information because our society wants simple and easy, not complex and intelligent. We’re probably in the minority. Even smart people around us want to “dumb down” by choice.

    I have no issue with challenging authority, if there is a serious issue that needs to be addressed that could alter the progress of a company, entity, or something bigger. With that said, the need to challenge authority, for no other reason but to do it because anyone can, will cause more harm than good for everyone.

    Olbermann is an intelligent and talented individual, but sometimes he gets in his own way throughout his career.


    • Thanks for the thoughtful comment. I agree with your points. I understand Olbermann’s penchant for pushing the envelope a bit too far at times, as I have been guilty of the same. Still, I would hire a guy with inner passion and expressiveness over the alternative, even knowing full well that he would sometimes get himself in trouble. You cannot always have the best of everything. There are tradeoffs.


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