Buy 10 Gallons, Save 1 Penny! Woohoo!

Gas Price Sign

Sign Showing 9/10 of a Penny!

I filled ‘er up today.  Ever notice that cars are always referred to as females?  Anyway, I digress already, just two sentences into this post.  Back on track!  So there I was standing at the pump, just like everybody else, mesmerized with that blank stare reminiscent of slot machine players as they watch their money disappear.  As my mind wandered, I tried to focus on something, ANYTHING, kind of like when you don’t have cell phone reception and you are sitting on the pot.  Suddenly, you are forced to actually think about something without the aid of an electronic device.  Horrors!  Just then it hit me.  Who was the knucklehead who came up with the ridiculous practice of pricing gas not to the penny per gallon, but rather to the TENTH of a penny?!?  Today, I did not pay $4.00 per gallon.  NOPE, I paid only $3.999 per gallon.  Name one other product on the planet earth that is priced in tenths of a penny, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!  So, if I buy 10 gallons of gas, I pay only $39.99, not $40.  What is the point of carrying on this practice?  I double dare any gas station to STOP THE INSANITY!


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