The Unofficial History of the Sandwich


Ham & Cheese, Hold the Mayo (Image via Wikipedia)

I love sandwiches.  What is not to like?  Whatever your taste, there is a sandwich for you–lunch meat, burgers, flatbread, or even hot dogs (sandwiches in disguise).  Just like the light bulb and the printing press, the sandwich came about for a very practical purpose.  Its story is little known, especially to those who don’t like doing research, like me.  For lack of facts, here is my version of history:

  • Homo Erectus (primitive humans 1 million years ago): First of all, who named these guys Homo Erectus?  Sounds kinda…NEVER MIND!  Anyway, they cooked meat over open flame, grabbed it, and burned themselves every time.  Fingers got messy, too.  Unfortunately, they were too dumb to find a solution.
  • Cave Men (last walked the earth about 10,000 years ago):  Figured out that putting hot food in the middle of a stack of cool food protected fingers from burns and loin cloths from unwanted messy drippings and trips to the dry cleaners.
  • Modern Man (today): Regressed by inventing Wonder Bread, Uncrustables frozen PB & J sandwiches, and Subway franchises with the world’s most airy bread (light as air, tastes like air).  Showing some hope with rediscovery of ciabatta sandwiches and other REAL BREAD sandwiches.

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