Taking Bids: Rip Out My Yard, Install AstroTurf

Green Blades

For me, yard work has evolved from a peaceful and rewarding experience of home ownership to a dreaded, time-consuming, never-ending battle against Mother Nature.  Competitive as I might be in life’s more meaningful endeavors, she is kicking my butt in this more mundane checkers match for supremacy over the yard.  Attempting to achieve that fresh-from-the-sod-farm look is like trying to buy a hamburger that looks like the one on the big lit-up menu at McDonald’s.  It ain’t happening.  A typical grass season for me involves repairing vole damage from winter (damn varmints!), fertilizing, de-thatching/aerating, applying gypsum (magical, all-purpose pixie dust), seeding, mowing, bagging, weeding, and edging.  All told, I figure I spend an average of 2-3 hours per week on the yard, not to mention the expenses of all the stuff I apply, gas for the mower, and water for the automatic sprinklers.  So, I have a notion to be the first guy on the block to reclaim my life and make the move to AstroTurf–yes, the stuff they use on pro ball fields.  Every blade of grass perfectly green year around.  No maintenance whatsoever–zero, zippo, zilch.  Neighbors will gawk admiringly, and Mother Nature will throw in the towel.


6 responses to “Taking Bids: Rip Out My Yard, Install AstroTurf

  1. Our three kids are so hard on our grass that my husband and I have seriously considered laying Astro Turf. Each spring we bust our butts trying to encourage the grass to grow strong and thick. By the time August rolls around, the kids have mutilated every last green blade. I say go for it!


    • Thanks for the encouragement. We have 3 kids, too. They are too young to tear it up yet, but that is ONE MORE reason to consider the switch!


  2. Given that it is winter 6 months out of the year, you should get white astro-turf(R)


    • Funny! Two problems. First, it would get dirty, and I don’t want to have to wash my yard (goes against the zero-maintenance goal). Second, neighbors would not admire my lawn. They would REVILE it, like when homeowners paint their homes black or nail polish pink.


  3. Because I live in a garden home around mostly retirees, I had a Synlawn installed and it is awesome. Your neighbors will love you (especially if you live in a community where lawn maintenance is the greatest goal for over half of the residents.)

    My lawn looks great and except for being almost too perfect no one would ever be the wiser. I wish I would have had a section of putting green installed, however at the time I thought it too costly.

    You will still have to pay someone for landscape maintenance of flower beds and trees, they can powerwash your lawn.


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