Deep Thoughts from the Throne

Toilet with flush water tank

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If you are like most people, you spend a fair amount of time sitting on the pot each day.  Some of us spend more time than others, thanks to our smartphones, which have allowed us to take care of business while we are taking care of business, if you know what I mean.  OK, so sometimes we are just having fun on our phones, but it is easy to get consumed when you are connected.  Before you know it, your legs fall asleep.  But I digress. When your battery goes dead or you are deep in some building with no cell reception or free wi-fi, deep thoughts prevail in this place of silence (mostly silence, punctuated with obnoxious sounds that I won’t describe).  A recent thought that came to me is the marvel of flush toilets and sewage treatment.  Think of how far we have come since the hole in the ground with the outhouse on top of it.  With a simple push of a handle and a whoosh of water, something really nasty just disappears FOREVER!  Where does it go, how does it work, and who is the poor guy who has to work at the sewage facility?


4 responses to “Deep Thoughts from the Throne

  1. I read this from my auxiliary office.


    • Right on, TharpSter! Glad to hear you are a member of the club. A word to the wise. If you get up and feels pins and needles in your feet, walk gingerly and take extra time washing your hands before heading back to the primary office.


  2. Where were you when you wrote this?


    • Hey, I could easily have pounded out this post on my iPhone while taking care of business, but I must admit I was not seated on the throne this time.


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