10 Thoughts Inspired by Obama’s Beached Limo

For those who missed the video from Obama’s visit to Ireland this week, click above for a good belly laugh. Then, ponder these thoughts that immediately struck me:

  1. One fine example of superior design, performance, and handling that result from government ownership of Cadillac.
  2. The President enjoyed a tall Guinness while in Ireland. How about the limo driver?
  3. Terrorists cannot stop this vehicle with bullets or bombs, but now they are plotting to install BIG SPEED BUMPS!
  4. Just what, exactly, did the driver expect to see when he got out and took a look at the beached limo? Einstein!
  5. Next time, bring the more practical HUMMER LIMO with higher ground clearance!
  6. How did the President miss a priceless photo opportunity by not getting out to push?
  7. Word has it that the occupants of the limo abandoned ship and took a different car. Why didn’t they blow up the beast before leaving?!?
  8. One more reason limos are just plain DUMB (previous limo post: http://bit.ly/jBiAib).
  9. How many bureaucrats does it take to un-beach a limo? Trick question. Bureaucrats are hopeless.
  10. First, Obama recognizes his ancestry. Then, he leaves behind a tale to be passed down for generations. What a guy!

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