10 Things to NEVER Follow on the Freeway

I don't like the looks of this!

  1. Trailer of Cars Stacked Two High: Am I the only one who thinks these should never have been invented?
  2. Gravel Truck: Don’t put your faith in that big rubber flap hanging on the back of the truck.  Believe me.
  3. Any Truck with Ladder on Top: If the ladder comes off, all hell is going to break loose.  Better to see that in your rear view mirror.
  4. Fuel Tanker Truck: Want to leave earth in a ball of flames?  Me neither.
  5. Any Pickup with Tailgate Down: It’s only a matter of time before the contents come out.  Is today your lucky day?
  6. Guy Who Could Not Afford a U-Haul: We’ve all seen the budget movers with the flatbed trailers stacked high.  But they saved $50!
  7. Any Vehicle with Mattress Tied on Top: Hitting a mattress, even a pillow-top one, at 60 MPH is bound to end badly.  They can ignite under cars.
  8. Truck Carrying Bees or Livestock: Are they more prone to accidents, or do they just make the news more often?
  9. Guy with Dragging Muffler: Sparks are cool at night, but chances are good that he is uninsured for damage from his lost muffler.
  10. Semi from Batesville Casket Company: Bad omen.

6 responses to “10 Things to NEVER Follow on the Freeway

  1. I’m with you, especially on #1! Terrifying! I’m afraid to go to San Francisco just because of having to drive [or be driven] on those insane hills. Do people ever start rolling backwards? Am I alone on this? Great post!


  2. I loved the last one–yes, very bad omen. I’ve also been leary of the mattress-tied-to-the-roof DYI movers. Funny post.

    I also hate following people with dogs that are loose in the back of pick-up trucks.


  3. And don’t forget the trucks hauling trash or construction debris. I once had a big sheet of that black plastic stuff they put around construction sites fly out of a trash truck on a 4-lane highway and land across my windshield – just like in the movies! Luckily it cleared itselft in just a moment or two but it definitely gets your heart pumping when driving at 70 mph and I give these trucks a wide berth now.


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