A Case for Isolationism

Anybody who has read anything about the fall of the Roman Empire knows that there are eerie similarities between Rome’s collapse and the path of the United States–most notable are engagement in too many foreign conflicts/affairs and lack of attention to domestic issues.  We have enough problems of our own these days, including poverty, crime, failing education, illegal immigration, high unemployment, burgeoning government budget deficits, a broken health care system, and a Social Security program that is insolvent but still collecting from younger workers who will not see a dime without major reforms.  So, with all of this, why not detach ourselves a bit more from other people’s problems?

So, here is one plan to change our course:

  1. Erect impenetrable barriers at our border and increase border control/enforcement.
  2. Hunt down and throw out anybody who doesn’t belong here–illegal aliens, foreign fugitives, terrorists on visas, etc..
  3. Bring home the troops from everywhere.
  4. Carry a big stick.  This means reminding the world of our military supremacy.  Yes, we were the ones who dropped nuclear bombs on Japan, and we will do it again, if anybody presents a real threat to peace at home.
  5. Start investing more in America’s domestic problems.

One response to “A Case for Isolationism

  1. Another big problem with America is the political ignorance of the American people that would cost them very dear. I have talked about it in my blog http://chapter18.wordpress.com/2011/02/22/ignorance-is-no-bliss/



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