Beware! Microsoft stole our software!

The Microsoft sign at the entrance of the Germ...

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This is NOT just another angry rant from some lunatic who has no other soapbox.  My aim, in the interest of us all, is to expose Microsoft’s unconscionable actions so that they may be judged in the court of public opinion, where real marketers go before they make decisions that affect their customers.  My story goes like this.  My wife and I both own full versions of the Microsoft Office Professional software suite–she Office 2000 and I Office 97.  We recently bought a new laptop and decided to install one of our software packages on the computer (since no version of Office since 2000 has offered anything particularly useful or redeeming).  To our dismay, Microsoft required us to call them for a new product key for installation.  When I finally got through, I was told, “We do not support those packages any longer.”  I responded, “I don’t want support.  I just want to use the software I already bought.”  They responded, “Sorry, but we cannot provide a key to install those programs any longer.”  Before I lost my cool and hung up, and I was told that I never owned the software–just a license to operate the software, which had expired.  Hogwash!


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