What does the Lingerie Football League say about us?

Seattle Mist vs. San Diego Seduction of the Li...

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In two words, A LOT!  First, I must qualify this post by saying that I knew nothing of this topic (I swear!) before I read my daily email from the Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal earlier this week.  There, I saw a headline that I could hardly believe.  Curious (like you, as you chose to read this post!), I had to read further (see story: http://bit.ly/es7unk).  Crazy as it may sound, some guy hatched the Lingerie Football League in 2009, which features lingerie-clad women playing football against one another, and they are now adding expansion teams (Minneapolis to be one of them)!  The league’s success is evidenced not only by expansion teams.  They apparently draw 7,000-8,000 fans per game (30% of them women!), each willing to pay an average of $50 per ticket.  There are many things this league says about Americans, but here is just a short list to start…

  1. There is no price too high to pay for lust, one of the 7 cardinal sins.
  2. Direct mail from Victoria’s Secret is not lewd enough for us.
  3. Mud wrestling is so 20th century.
  4. If somebody will buy it, sell baby sell!
  5. Morality is not on the decline.  It has hit rock bottom.

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