ANOTHER Unfortunate Day in My Life with Windows 7

Windows 7 Pumpkin

Image by Zeusandhera via Flickr

If Microsoft Windows 7 were a physical object (like pictured pumpkin), I would hurl it out a 7th story window and fist pump when it smashed into a million pieces on the sidewalk below.  You may recall my past happy rants related to Microsoft, one about how they stole my software ( and another about the company’s lameness in general (  So, yesterday, as I was shutting down my laptop after a day’s work, I got one of those annoying messages on my screen, rather than the usual “shutting down” message.  For those of you, like me, who elect to allow Windows Update to install fixes/updates automatically, you know the message.  Basically, it says that updates are being installed before shutdown, AND WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT TURN OFF OR UNPLUG YOUR COMPUTER!!!  Yesterday’s message said that 19 UPDATES were being installed.  WHAT?!? Just shoot me–19 TIMES!  Impatient in my quest to get home, I finally carried the laptop out to the car with the screen open and put it on the passenger seat.  After a 45-minute trip that included a stop at the grocery store, the computer was on update 18 of 19 when I pulled in the garage.  Heaven help us all!

2 responses to “ANOTHER Unfortunate Day in My Life with Windows 7

  1. This just didn’t happen to me 15 minutes ago. Thank you for capturing my angst and expelling so I don’t have to deal with it anymore. I’d so much rather laugh than cry. I’ve subscribed to your post. I really like what I see.


    • Another victim. Sorry to hear about that. At least you are taking it is stride, and now with a smile on your face. Thanks for reading, and subscribing, to my blog. –Dan


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