Location Location Location, As They Say

Little Caesars Pizza Next to Weight Watchers (Woodbury, MN)

The old adage about real estate applies even more for commercial real estate than for your home.  If your business location is bad, the consequences could be catastrophic.  Conversely, a great business location can unlock tremendous fortune.  Shrewdly, many entrepreneurs choose to locate their businesses in close proximity to other businesses whose customers are likely to shop at both businesses–a symbiosis of capitalism, one might say.  Witness the image above from a strip mall in my home town of Woodbury, Minnesota.  Weight Watchers has been a long-term tenant, and look who just moved in next door!  I’ll bet both businesses are doing great!  This got me thinking about some of the MANY great opportunities for businesses locating next to one another:

  1. Yoga Studio & Chiropractic Office
  2. Italian Restaurant & Dry Cleaner
  3. Bowling Alley & Emergency Seamstress
  4. Krispy Kreme Doughnut Shop & Cardiologist Office
  5. All-You-Can-Eat Buffet & Health Club
  6. Bingo Hall & Never-Too-Old Driving School
  7. Massage Parlor & Adult Novelty Store
  8. Middle Eastern Restaurant & Magic Carpet Store
  9. Co-Op Grocery Store & Peace Corps Recruiting Center
  10. Subaru Dealership & Gay Bar
  11. Coffee Shop & Old-Worn-Out-Clothes Store
  12. Gun Shop & Armed Forces Recruiting Center
  13. Antique Shop & Blockbuster Video Store

2 responses to “Location Location Location, As They Say

  1. Truly inspired!

    14. Coffee shop & sleep disorder treatment center
    15. Ski school & orthopedic surgeon
    16. Candy store & dentist


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