Watch Out for the Asian (Fill in the Blank)!

Ichiro Suzuki on June 10, 2009.

Ichiro--A Clear & Present Threat! (Image via Wikipedia)

I am perhaps a tad more environmentally conscious than your average guy.  So, when I hear stories about invasive species, I tend to read on.  Well, I have begun to connect the dots, and I see an alarming pattern developing.  For quite some time, there has been concern that ASIAN carp will reach the Great Lakes and kill the fishing industry there, not to mention the havoc the behemoths wreak when they get airborne and hit boaters.  Then, just days ago, I read about a nasty toothed fish called an ASIAN snakehead (specifically, a northern snakehead) found in a Maryland river–a frightening development for those who know this predatory fish referred to by National Geographic as “Fishzilla“.  Now, just today, I read about an ASIAN tiger mosquito that has invaded big cities in the U.S. with its aggressiveness, daytime biting, and ability to spread disease.  All of this has me wondering, what makes ASIAN breeds so much more dangerous than others?  I am not sure, but I am not taking any chances.  Nope.  Not with young ones at home.  No more Chinese food.  No more Japanese cars.  No more listening to Yo-Yo Ma or cheering for Ichiro Suzuki!  Done!


6 responses to “Watch Out for the Asian (Fill in the Blank)!

  1. And don’t forget Zebra Mussels – also from Asia I think as is Milfoil the dreaded weedy scurge of MN lakes.


  2. How about those Asian beetles – they look like cute, harmless ladybugs but they BITE!!!


    • How could I forget the ASIAN BEETLES, not to be confused with The Beatles, who are now on iTunes. Thank you for adding to my list of ASIAN evil doers. I appreciate you reading and commenting! –Dan


  3. I checked around my house. I’ll have some toilet paper and my sewing machine left to my name if I get rid of everything I own that has anything to do with Asia. Now you’re just scaring me…


    • Great humor, Lorna. I thought about the same. It’s sad (and scary) to say, but just about everything is made in Asia these days. They could really put the hurt on us, if they wanted! Keep reading and commenting. I appreciate it! –Dan


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