Daily Deal Monkey: Sign Up NOW & Save 50% or More!

Common chimpanzee in the Leipzig Zoo.

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You’ve already joined Groupon, LivingSocial, DealStork, and all the rest.  But Daily Deal Monkey is DIFFERENT.  Rather than showering you with a plethora of offers for spas, hair salons, gyms, yoga studios, and other frivolous stuff you do not want to buy, Daily Deal Monkey will send you offers every day on the things you will need when you get a pet monkey–cages, diapers, ear plugs (monkeys tend to blurt things out LOUDLY), leashes, bananas (lots of bananas), trikes (you must teach your monkey tricks!), and other monkey paraphernalia.  Now, you might be thinking that this all sounds like a bunch of MONKEY BUSINESS!  Yes, indeed, it is.  But at least it is targeted to one specific type of consumer with an identifiable need or want, unlike all the other deal-of-the-day websites.  One day they offer you pizza at half off, and the next day they want to sell you liposuction and electrolysis.  Before the Internet, there was a name for this kind of marketing–JUNK MAIL!  I don’t know about you, but I am sick of all these “innovative” social marketing coupon gimmicks.  Yeah, I want 50% off, but opening up junk mail everyday is getting old very fast.


One response to “Daily Deal Monkey: Sign Up NOW & Save 50% or More!

  1. Prediction: Groupon NOT selling out to Google when offered $6 Billion a while back is going to be one of those classic marketing mistakes they talk about in Business Schools in the not too distant future.


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