A Beaten Weiner

Anthony Weiner

Anthony Weiner, Flaws and All

So, after what seems like an eternity of Weiner coverage in the media–dare I say, it appeared to be Weiner envy at times–all of the morally righteous in America, as well as the Democrats who contributed mightily to the Weiner whacking, got what they wanted.  They have beaten this Weiner into submission.  What a shame, I say.  Generally speaking, I believe that people get what they deserve in life, but why should a guy who embarrassed himself and lied to cover it up be forced to resign?  By all accounts, he was a perfectly competent Congressman.  In fact, he was seen as a high performer, until his personal life became the center of attention.  Members of Congress are not perfect human beings anymore than you or I.  His story echoes of the tragic fall taken by former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer.  Now there was a guy who had what we really need in politics–a fearless bulldog, with a bite to back up his bark.  But he, too, was forced to resign because of his personal failings.  Why can we not forgive politicians for their personal transgressions and judge them based upon their performance?  Forgiveness is a forgotten virtue.


2 responses to “A Beaten Weiner

  1. You are such a Deomcrat, if it was a Republican (which has happened in the past) you would have seen it in a diffetent way.
    I don’t have a problem with forgiving him for his morally incorrect personal behavior, if he truely is repentive. But, (and this is the point you are missing) he balled faced lie’d about it and tried to cover it up. That one is harder to forgive, if it was so easily for him to lie about it, then how much lieing was/is he doing in his day to day governing?


    • Hey, Blake. Nice to see that you are still reading my blog. I guess I got you fired up on this one. You have never been a guy short on passion. We could continue to debate this back and forth, and I will. Yes, he lied to cover up an embarrassing act, and he did so convincingly, for a while. This was reminiscent of Bill Clinton, when he went on national TV and said, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” We all know that was a lie. People will lie to avoid personal embarrassment. This is human nature, however inexcusable, and I believe it is unfair to assume that Weiner was doing his job unethically. There is no evidence of that, nor was there evidence of that with Bill Clinton. Clinton somehow kept his job, but Weiner was forced to resign. In my opinion, Weiner should turn the tables and file a harassment suit against Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, and the rest of the high ranking Democrats who felt it was their job to coerce him into quitting. By the way, I resent the suggestion that I am “such a Democrat”. I am an independent, and I vote for the best available candidate in every election. The two-party system is one of the biggest problems we have in politics, as it forces people to often polar opposite positions, when most people actually fall in the middle. Oh well. Enough for now. I enjoy the debate. Turn off Rush Limbaugh once in a while to avoid getting brainwashed.


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