Just HOW DRY do you want your clothes?

Not My Dryer, But Similar!

I preface this post by admitting that I have spent the better part of my career as a marketer, always in search of a nifty feature that sets my company’s product apart from the competition.  Sometimes, marketers talk themselves into believing things that are outlandish, and sometimes they don’t do research to find out whether consumers actually care about their nifty features.  This story is about one such case.  Every time I look at my Maytag clothes dryer, I smirk at the “Sensor Dry Level” feature, where I get to choose from the following:

  • Very Dry [What? Like so dry the clothes might disintegrate?]
  • More Dry [Not quite to disintegration, but definitely drier than dry.]
  • Normal Dry [Could have just called this DRY, or FRICKEN DRY!]
  • Less Dry [For those who are weary of truly dry clothes, I guess.]
  • Damp Dry [Why the hell did you buy the dryer, then?]

If somebody has ever chosen “Damp Dry”, just shoot me!

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