Hats Off to the Pasta-Strainer-On-The-Head Guy!

Niko Alm, Pastafarian

Images from NPR.org

In case you missed it, a crazy story hit the wires on Wednesday regarding an Austrian man, Niko Alm, who went to extraordinary lengths to lampoon a law in Austria that permits the wearing of “confessional headgear” in official photographs.  Alm claimed to be a devout follower of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and he referred to followers of the faith as Pastafarians.  Pastafarians, it seems, wear pasta strainers on their heads as confessional headgear.  Alm’s fight for religious freedom, or the quest to make a mockery of the Austrian law, took 3 years, but he finally prevailed after a long battle that included a psychological review to determine that he was mentally fit to drive (he passed!).  Many of us mutter to ourselves when we hear of laws that make no sense to us.  Some of us stand up and let our voices be heard.  Very few are ambitious, determined, and creative enough to figure out other ways to make a point.  This guy’s actions are heroic, in my opinion, but he is not done.  He is now seeking to get Pastafarianism recognized as an official faith in Austria.  May Niko be an inspiration to us all.

One response to “Hats Off to the Pasta-Strainer-On-The-Head Guy!

  1. Do they worship the Almighty Meatball? Baptize in marinara? Whatever, I like this guy. I think one of those old-fashioned metal colanders would be classier, though, and would reflect off cosmic rays.

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