Proof That Watching Cartoons Can Be Harmful

Few things make me LOL.  Fewer still make me LMAO, and I am not quite sure what that would entail.  Working your AO makes sense, since there is work involved.  There is a show called “Dance Your AO” (, which also seems plausible (and the work of marketing genius, I might add, by combining dance and weight loss competition in one show).  But laughing to burn off calories?  I am skeptical.  BUT I DIGRESS!  Today’s post is about a story and video that truly made me LOL.  Most of us know The Flintstones cartoon well.

1979 Flintstones Fish Card Game

Image by andertoons via Flickr

Who could forget Fred’s car–the one he started and stopped with his feet?  Environmentally conscious as his solution might have been, he was ahead of his time by a few thousand years.  Moreover, the cartoon was FICTION.  That is, it was fiction until a guy in Michigan decided that faulty brakes were no reason to leave his truck parked.  He could stop it WITH HIS FEET!  Reportedly (, he traveled at speeds up to 40 MPH, a speed that would have made Fred Flintstone envious.  Best of all, police captured video of the guy trying to stop his truck unsuccessfully (see above).  Nobody was hurt, but several cars were damaged.  A small price to pay for LOL.

4 responses to “Proof That Watching Cartoons Can Be Harmful

  1. I don’t know about burning enough calories to lose weight, but laughing is great for your abs and if you laugh long and hard enough, you can’t shove down that extra food you planned on eating–so maybe LMAO is plausable…

    That video was a real gem! Thanks for the ab workout!


  2. Great insights, Lorna. Had not considered those benefits of laughter, but you have me sold! Glad you enjoyed the video. –Dan


  3. Unbelievable. I used to stop my bike like that – but THAT was quite a different matter!


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