Video Phone Calls: A Technology Whose Time Should NEVER Have Come

Facetime on the new iPhone

Image by smays via Flickr

Techies have been making video phone calls via Skype for years, but now this befuddling technology has somehow migrated into more mainstream channels.  Owners of the iPhone 4 have the ability to make video phone calls, and Comcast announced just last week that it is teaming up with Skype to offer video phone calls via television sets.  I don’t get it.  Talking on the phone is what most people do while they are doing two or three other things.  Who sits around aimlessly just focused on the phone conversation?  So, now that we have the ability to be “on stage” for the caller on the other end of the line, we could have AMAZING conversations like this one:

  • Hank: Hey, Bob, what’s up?
  • Bob: As you can see, I am doing three other things right now.
  • Hank: Cool.  Hey, you look like crap today.
  • Bob: No, that is crap on the lens of my phone.  I just changed my kid’s diaper.
  • Hank: I am so glad I can see your head.  Awesome technology.
  • Bob: Whatever!  Hey, you just got flipped off by that guy in the red car.
  • Hank: Screw ’em! Can’t he see I am doing a video call?

2 responses to “Video Phone Calls: A Technology Whose Time Should NEVER Have Come

  1. Blake Johnston

    Is that me on the phone in the picture, or do all bald men look alike?


    • There is a striking resemblance to you, Blake, but I do think that all bald men look alike–at least their heads do. Not everybody has your stunning physique. Keep reading, Dude. I appreciate it! -Dan


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