Expeditious Justice Needs No Excuses


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Most Americans are accustomed to one form of justice–the long and drawn out kind.  Criminal trials are scheduled months in advance, and we are unfazed by trials that go on for weeks, if not months.  Even convicted killers spend years, sometimes decades, on death row waiting for their punishment to be served.  Given this backdrop, it is not surprising that even some Americans were taken aback by the swift actions that led to the killing of an apparently unarmed Osama Bin Laden.  While some, such as the outspoken filmmaker Michael Moore, believe that we have begun to act like terrorists, others of us believe that expeditious justice is still justice.  When a person is clearly, beyond a reasonable doubt, responsible for a crime, why should that person get a trial?  A trial is for circumstances when guilt is uncertain.  Even the shooter who killed several people in Arizona and shot a U.S. congresswoman in the head has pleaded not guilty.  Oh, really?  How could that be?  Pleas of insanity are bogus, too.  I don’t care if you had your wits about you when you killed somebody or committed any crime, for that matter.  Expeditious justice is laudable, not barbaric.

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