Hole in the plane? No problem. Southwest still the best.


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Well, by now we all know about the gaping hole in the side of the plane.  I guess passengers could see daylight through the hole.  Scary, yes.  But enough to make you choose another airline?  Think again.  I am a Minneapolis-based flier who once garnered “Gold Elite” status on Northwest (ahem, NorthWORST) Airlines, and I decided years ago to make Southwest my first choice, even though they fly direct to only a few cities from Minneapolis.  The reasons are many.  First, Southwest has all but eliminated the class system whereby some passengers are greeted with a red carpet and others are treated as peasants who should be happy to get a seat.  On Southwest, everybody is treated with respect by employees who mysteriously seem to give a damn.  How refreshing!  And this is just the start.  How much for the luggage fees on the first and second checked bags?  Zero and zero.  How much to rebook this flight to another travel date?  Zero.  Other airlines, who all seem to have a penchant for government bailouts and bankruptcies, just don’t get it.  Passengers don’t like getting hosed.  Oh, and combining two bad airlines does NOT make one good airline.

One response to “Hole in the plane? No problem. Southwest still the best.

  1. As a frequent Delta traveler (NWA refugee) it often seems like Delta’ motto is “we’re not satisfied until YOU’RE not satisfied.” While I agree with the notion that SW is more egalitarian, I’ll put up with hassles of Delta as long as I can pick a seat in advance – particularly if they reserve space towards the front of the plane.


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