Another Perspective on the Obama “Birther” Debate

Donald Trump & Melania enter the Oscar De LA R...

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If you are like me, you are sick of Donald Trump getting so much media attention for his claims that Obama does not qualify to be President, based on where he was or was not born.  Regardless of his motivations–earnest or self-serving–Trump’s approach is symptomatic of a litigious society where just about anything is open to challenge in the judicial system, based on some technicality or another.  These facts are clear.  Obama was elected President fair and square.  McCain lost.  The time for debating Obama’s legitimacy as a candidate was before he got elected.  Time to get over it and stop being a sore loser.  Given the scope of the problems our country faces, I think we ought to ask ourselves a more important question.  If any U.S. citizen wishes to be President and can help to get us out of this mess, what difference should it make where he/she was born?  Maybe the law Trump is blowing hot air about is bogus and should be abolished, just like the one that allowed Bush to take the Presidency in 2000, even though Americans chose Gore over Bush by a margin exceeding a half million votes–electoral votes and controversial recounts aside.


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