Lame Company #1: Microsoft

Microsoft's logo with the old slogan, "Wh...

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Today’s post will be the first in a series that will appear periodically, as ideas strike me or nominations are submitted by interested readers.  The subject is companies whose useful lives have come to an end.  Their finest days are behind them, and yet they hang on, only to erode shareholder value, frustrate remaining customers, and pretend that they are still relevant and innovative.  Microsoft fits this bill perfectly.  Constructing a list of their foul ups, bleeps, and blunders was both painful and cleansing.  So, here is a short list of Microsoft’s credentials for the Lame Company List:

  • Windows Vista:  Need I say more?  Train wreck.  Windows 7 not that much better.
  • Zune Player: iPod wannabe.  They just put a bullet in it themselves.
  • Microsoft Stores: PUH-LEEZE!  Apple Store wannabe.  Stores don’t make you innovative.  Products do.
  • Media Center PC’s: Yeah, like I want to reboot my TV when the software crashes.
  • TV Commercials: Their response to the cool Apple guy and nerdy PC guy was some nonsense with Bill Gates and Seinfeld.
  • Windows Mobile Phones: iPhones and Androids will rule the world.  Give it up!
  • Microsoft Tax Software: Does anybody remember that they attempted to get into tax software?

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