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Decoder for Cryptic 5/30 Blog Post

Ole, Short for Our Little Einstein

A proud father of 3 little ones ages 26 months and younger, I mention them often in posts, as they are central to everything in my life.  Spending 4 days alone with them at home (not 3 men and a baby, but rather 1 man and 3 babies!) over this Memorial Day weekend was an amazing opportunity that every parent should have–to get to know them not skin deep, not personality deep, but soul deep.  BUT I DIGRESS!  The intent of this post is to decode the brief 5/30 post that may not have been interpreted fully by some blog readers.  My 26-month-old son, let’s call him Ole for purposes of the child protection program, is scary smart.  When Ole is not navigating iTunes, Pandora, YouTube, and several other apps on my iPhone with amazing confidence and speed, he is exploring new apps.  On 5/30, he apparently decided to take the WordPress app for a spin while Daddy made lunch for him.  The image you see in the 5/30 post is his highchair tray, and the message he typed translates to “I love squiggly noodles with cheese.”  He made the post without any help from Daddy, who only learned of it from puzzled readers.  There you have it!



[If you don’t quite understand the meaning of this post, you are not alone!  Check out this link to another post, where the image and text above is decoded: http://wp.me/p1pRY1-d6]

Modern Day Stonehenge in Our Den

Our Stonehenge, Half of Original Height

Our son is just 26 months old, but he will soon be smarter than his Dad, no doubt.  As any parent can attest, adults get dumber by the second, and kids learn at a frightening pace.  Given these opposing IQ trajectories, it is no wonder that teenagers are all much smarter than their parents.  Anyway, this leads to the story of Stonehenge in our den.  As my wife took care of our other little ones yesterday, our son was hard at work on his project.  Without any encouragement from earthlings, he unloaded the bookshelf in the den and proceeded to construct a meticulously aligned tower o’ books.  The pictured tower is only half of its original height, as my wife was afraid the full-height tower (as tall as our boy himself) would fall over and hurt him.  After he went to bed, I inspected his creation.  With incredible precision, he had somehow gotten small books way down toward the bottom to balance much larger books above them.  I am certain there is some advanced explanation to the tower–alignment with the planets, time keeping with shadows cast by the sun, or communication with extraterrestrials, but I am too dumb to interpret it.