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Hear ye! Hear ye! The King hath made a proclamation!


From this point further, let it be known that laws no longer matter, says King NObama. Sure, Congress can pass legislation, but as King, his highness can decide which laws shall govern the kingdom. And now that the King has only two years left on the throne, it’s time to pull out all the stops to follow through on promises made to special interests, including illegal immigrants (never say “undocumented”, a euphemism suggesting false citizenship is akin to misplaced vehicle registration), whose children and grandchildren are natural born citizens and mostly voting Democrats.

Call it executive action or call it reckless disregard for the rule of law, if you want to be more truthful. What America needs less than just about anything is a President with nothing to lose deciding that he can do whatever he damn well pleases for the next two years. If you think we’ve been on the wrong path, you ain’t seen nothing yet if NObama is hellbent to cement his legacy as the President who sacrificed his country for his party, his book deal, and his future as a high priced public speaker.

While many Americans bemoan the persistent stalemate in Congress, I happen to be of the opinion that government is not about making more laws. It’s about making as few laws as possible, eliminating unnecessary laws, shrinking the role of government in the lives of free Americans, and ensuring that what little role is left for government is at least respected by all, including the current occupant of the White House. Abuse of power is reprehensible, and it is unbecoming of a man who portrayed himself so differently when he did have something to lose. I want my America back, and I want it now.


“Gang of 6” or “Pathetic Posse”?

U.S. Debt Clock

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Yesterday’s announcement that a bi-partisan “Gang of 6” U.S. Senators might have found a way out of the stalemate in the federal debt ceiling negotiations with a deficit reduction plan has me dumbfounded.  The notion that we should all feel better about ourselves with a plan to reduce the deficit by $4 trillion over 10 years shows just how addicted we have become to debt and how hopeless we are at getting ourselves out of it.  First, the national debt is $14.3 trillion.  Reducing this figure by $4 trillion a decade from now is hardly cause for celebration.  Further, though one might assume this means our national debt would be $10.3 trillion in 10 years, this is not the truth.  That would require Congress to operate with balanced budgets for an entire decade.  Ironically, the House of Representatives is proposing a Balanced Budget Amendment RIGHT NOW that the Senate and Obama consider a non-starter.  In 2009, the ANNUAL budget deficit was $1.4 trillion.  In 2010, it was $1.3 trillion.  In 2011, it will likely exceed $1.3 trillion.  Three years, $4 trillion.  At this rate, the national debt would be over $13 trillion HIGHER than today in 10 years.  BUT WAIT, with $4 trillion reduced, it would be only about $9 trillion higher, or about $23 trillion.  Citizens rejoice!

10 Thoughts Inspired by Obama’s Beached Limo

For those who missed the video from Obama’s visit to Ireland this week, click above for a good belly laugh. Then, ponder these thoughts that immediately struck me:

  1. One fine example of superior design, performance, and handling that result from government ownership of Cadillac.
  2. The President enjoyed a tall Guinness while in Ireland. How about the limo driver?
  3. Terrorists cannot stop this vehicle with bullets or bombs, but now they are plotting to install BIG SPEED BUMPS!
  4. Just what, exactly, did the driver expect to see when he got out and took a look at the beached limo? Einstein!
  5. Next time, bring the more practical HUMMER LIMO with higher ground clearance!
  6. How did the President miss a priceless photo opportunity by not getting out to push?
  7. Word has it that the occupants of the limo abandoned ship and took a different car. Why didn’t they blow up the beast before leaving?!?
  8. One more reason limos are just plain DUMB (previous limo post: http://bit.ly/jBiAib).
  9. How many bureaucrats does it take to un-beach a limo? Trick question. Bureaucrats are hopeless.
  10. First, Obama recognizes his ancestry. Then, he leaves behind a tale to be passed down for generations. What a guy!

Expeditious Justice Needs No Excuses


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Most Americans are accustomed to one form of justice–the long and drawn out kind.  Criminal trials are scheduled months in advance, and we are unfazed by trials that go on for weeks, if not months.  Even convicted killers spend years, sometimes decades, on death row waiting for their punishment to be served.  Given this backdrop, it is not surprising that even some Americans were taken aback by the swift actions that led to the killing of an apparently unarmed Osama Bin Laden.  While some, such as the outspoken filmmaker Michael Moore, believe that we have begun to act like terrorists, others of us believe that expeditious justice is still justice.  When a person is clearly, beyond a reasonable doubt, responsible for a crime, why should that person get a trial?  A trial is for circumstances when guilt is uncertain.  Even the shooter who killed several people in Arizona and shot a U.S. congresswoman in the head has pleaded not guilty.  Oh, really?  How could that be?  Pleas of insanity are bogus, too.  I don’t care if you had your wits about you when you killed somebody or committed any crime, for that matter.  Expeditious justice is laudable, not barbaric.

The Awakening of a Last Adopter

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Whereas some people are “first adopters”–those who glom onto the latest gadget, software, or other technology–I am proudly of the opposite bent–a “last adopter.”  I am skeptical about the redeeming value of new stuff compared to my trusty and crusty solution.  Eventually, I come around.  As much as I hate to admit it, I am now a Twitter believer.  It is life changing.  Last night’s events with the death of Bin Laden were the proverbial nail in the coffin of old media, in my book.  Here is how my night transpired:

  • Call Mom to chat.  Learn that she and Dad are watching TV, as they heard that Bin Laden was killed.
  • “Call you later, Mom.”  Quick hang up and grab the TV remote.
  • Turn on CNN.  Listen to John King and Wolf Blitzer drone on and on with nothing to say for an hour as they wait for Obama to come to the podium.  Wow are they bad unscripted!
  • Pull out my iPhone and tune into Twitter.  Wow!  I was dying of thirst, and I had arrived at the oasis–lush with live, unscripted, uncensored, informative, funny, and diverse perspectives from real people around the country and the world.  Amazing.

Another Perspective on the Obama “Birther” Debate

Donald Trump & Melania enter the Oscar De LA R...

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If you are like me, you are sick of Donald Trump getting so much media attention for his claims that Obama does not qualify to be President, based on where he was or was not born.  Regardless of his motivations–earnest or self-serving–Trump’s approach is symptomatic of a litigious society where just about anything is open to challenge in the judicial system, based on some technicality or another.  These facts are clear.  Obama was elected President fair and square.  McCain lost.  The time for debating Obama’s legitimacy as a candidate was before he got elected.  Time to get over it and stop being a sore loser.  Given the scope of the problems our country faces, I think we ought to ask ourselves a more important question.  If any U.S. citizen wishes to be President and can help to get us out of this mess, what difference should it make where he/she was born?  Maybe the law Trump is blowing hot air about is bogus and should be abolished, just like the one that allowed Bush to take the Presidency in 2000, even though Americans chose Gore over Bush by a margin exceeding a half million votes–electoral votes and controversial recounts aside.