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Cell Phones Advance Faster Than Common Sense

Roger's iPhone 3G Launch - Canada's First iPho...

We Love Our Phones! Yes We Do! (Image by Anirudh Koul via Flickr)

With technological advances come new dilemmas for mankind to consider.  Few examples of this phenomenon are as clear as the cell phone.  Once a novelty, the latest statistics suggest that 80-90% of all Americans (not just adults) use cell phones, and an increasing share of them are so-called “smartphones”, capable of accessing the Internet.  Aside from the known hazards of driving, walking, or doing just about anything else while using a cell phone, there is the fundamental question of what RIGHTS a person has to use his or her cell phone.  A Constitutional expert I am not, but most arguments in favor of unrestrained cell phone usage seem to hinge on the First Amendment right to free speech.  Difficult as it may be in a litigious society, it seems like common sense ought to solve most of these dilemmas.  Unfortunately, it has not.  Instead, our prisons are constantly on the lookout, not for drugs or weapons, but for cell phones used to orchestrate crimes from behind bars over airwaves that cannot legally be blocked.  Restaurant and theater owners who install signal blockers are found to be criminals.  Law abiding citizens using public transportation have found their cell phone service intentionally blocked.  When does the madness end?


10 Thoughts Inspired by Cars Engulfed with Flames

Not a Good Start to the Day

Acknowledgement: Thanks to Jim from Edina, MN, who contributed this picture shot this morning by his brother off I-394 in Minneapolis.  Jim is a regular reader, which puts him an exclusive group of about 3 people.  Thanks, Jim!

It is truly a sign of the times that people have their cell phones close enough at hand to take a quick snapshot while traveling at freeway speeds.  The iPhone was a game changer in this respect, with its simple and intuitive photo and video interfaces.  Heck, with some of the old pre-Apple phones, this guy would have been to the next exit before he was able to get the camera working.  Well, on to the really important…


  1. Guy should have heeded warning on McDonald’s coffee cup–“Caution: Contents are hot.”
  2. Just because you CAN buy a power inverter for your cigarette lighter does NOT mean you should attempt to toast a bagel on your way to work.
  3. Is that a Toyota?
  4. I hope the guy’s iPhone didn’t get damaged.
  5. I cannot wait to Tweet about this.
  6. I cannot wait to post this on Facebook.
  7. I wonder if he was using one of those combustible laptops while driving.
  8. Why isn’t anybody helping him?  I would, but I am too busy taking a picture.
  9. Smoking while wearing hairspray in closed quarters is not advisable.
  10. Aromatherapy candles are best used in the bathroom or bedroom.

Decoder for Cryptic 5/30 Blog Post

Ole, Short for Our Little Einstein

A proud father of 3 little ones ages 26 months and younger, I mention them often in posts, as they are central to everything in my life.  Spending 4 days alone with them at home (not 3 men and a baby, but rather 1 man and 3 babies!) over this Memorial Day weekend was an amazing opportunity that every parent should have–to get to know them not skin deep, not personality deep, but soul deep.  BUT I DIGRESS!  The intent of this post is to decode the brief 5/30 post that may not have been interpreted fully by some blog readers.  My 26-month-old son, let’s call him Ole for purposes of the child protection program, is scary smart.  When Ole is not navigating iTunes, Pandora, YouTube, and several other apps on my iPhone with amazing confidence and speed, he is exploring new apps.  On 5/30, he apparently decided to take the WordPress app for a spin while Daddy made lunch for him.  The image you see in the 5/30 post is his highchair tray, and the message he typed translates to “I love squiggly noodles with cheese.”  He made the post without any help from Daddy, who only learned of it from puzzled readers.  There you have it!



[If you don’t quite understand the meaning of this post, you are not alone!  Check out this link to another post, where the image and text above is decoded: http://wp.me/p1pRY1-d6]

The Awakening of a Last Adopter

Free twitter badge

Image via Wikipedia

Whereas some people are “first adopters”–those who glom onto the latest gadget, software, or other technology–I am proudly of the opposite bent–a “last adopter.”  I am skeptical about the redeeming value of new stuff compared to my trusty and crusty solution.  Eventually, I come around.  As much as I hate to admit it, I am now a Twitter believer.  It is life changing.  Last night’s events with the death of Bin Laden were the proverbial nail in the coffin of old media, in my book.  Here is how my night transpired:

  • Call Mom to chat.  Learn that she and Dad are watching TV, as they heard that Bin Laden was killed.
  • “Call you later, Mom.”  Quick hang up and grab the TV remote.
  • Turn on CNN.  Listen to John King and Wolf Blitzer drone on and on with nothing to say for an hour as they wait for Obama to come to the podium.  Wow are they bad unscripted!
  • Pull out my iPhone and tune into Twitter.  Wow!  I was dying of thirst, and I had arrived at the oasis–lush with live, unscripted, uncensored, informative, funny, and diverse perspectives from real people around the country and the world.  Amazing.

Open Letter to Apple: 2 Features Away from iPhone Perfection

Image representing Apple as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Dear Apple:

Twenty years ago, I bought my first Mac.  I was a broke freshman at the University of California, Irvine, and I took out a loan from you guys to cover the $2,500+ I spent.  Ouch!  Still, I loved that computer until the day I retired it.  Ever since, I have hated my computers and the crummy software that runs on them, as I was forced to use a PC when I started my business career.  Then, 16 months ago, my wife and I got our iPhones (3GS models), and I was quickly reminded of the many things I loved about my Mac–intuitive, smart, sleek, and MANY steps ahead of the competition.  I know that you are busy inventing the next must-have devices, but all I want are 2 new features that will make our iPhones the greatest devices we have ever owned (yes, even topping our TiVo):

  • Kid Mode: Our 2-year-old LOVES our iPhones.  PLEASE allow us to lock down ANY application, including email and the phone.
  • Slide-Out Keyboard: I hate to say it, but we miss the real keyboards on our old BlackBerry phones.

Best Regards,


P.S.: Please acquire TiVo and make Apple TV something amazing.