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10 Signs You Might Be Driving Too Damn Fast

Warp Speed

Warp Speed (Image by Looking&Learning via Flickr)

  1. Leaning Into Corners: This is reserved for race car drivers.  Your torso should remain upright during city driving.
  2. Rounding Your Turns: Driving on the shoulder, wandering into another lane, or nearly driving into a front yard in a residential neighborhood are all telltale signs of excessive speed.
  3. Tailgating: Usually, everyone else is not driving too slowly.  Crowding them might make them get out of the way, but it might also cause an accident or unleash an unfortunate road rage incident.
  4. Weaving: A corollary to tailgating, weaving through traffic suggests that everybody else is driving too damn slow.  Usually not the case.
  5. Spilling Drinks: Drinks don’t spill in cars that are not pulling serious g-forces.  Slow down or lean your drinks into turns, along with you torso.
  6. Concerned Passengers: Passengers, including small children and pets, should not look frightened at safe driving speeds.
  7. Yellow Light Adrenaline Rush: Yellow actually means slow down, not gun it.
  8. Oncoming Objects Interrupting Cell Phone Calls: Hang up, slow down, and drive.
  9. Squealing Tires: Are you 16 years old?  Is this The Dukes of Hazard?
  10. Visions of Warp Speed: If the view out your window brings back memories of Star Trek, slow down.